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Fighting spirit

The Sand-diving Lizard (Meroles Anchietae) is a fast day active little creature that normally runs away from any potential danger at high speedsand dives head first into the sand to dissapear. But when he is angy, he becomes a mean fighting machine that does not seem to be intimidated by size.

The Sanddiving lizard is one of the "little 5" we search for on our popular LIVING DUNES EXPERIENCE day tour outside Swakopmund.

IMG 2280

A private lunch and the "Little 5" of the desert

A new combo DUNES & BEACH is a exclusive experience for small private groups of 4 to 8 guests. A genuine coastal treat with warm Namibian hospitality. The morning hours are spend in search of the "little 5" in the dunes of the Namib Desert just outside Swakopmund. Our guides/ trackers will show you the all the hidden and mostely nocturnal creaturs and intruduce you the the beauty of the dunes. At about 12h00 the tour will end on the beach where a delicious crayfish lunch awaits under a shady bedouin tent. The menu includes sparkling wine and fresh West Coast Lobster.

A truely amazing blend of experiences for just N$ 1450.00 per person (min. of 4 guets required).

Pre bookings are essential at least 7 days before booking date.

crayfish lunch on beach 1 Johnny feeding Chameleon small

Holiday like in the good old days.

2015 has been a great year and we have achieved a lot. It also has been a pretty exhausting year. So we have decided to close the business for two weeks early in the new year. During this time we will have no access to email and our telephone will be answered by a robot.

In other words we are going to do holiday as we did in the old days, no cell phone, no beeing on call all the time, not chained to the ipad for emails 24/7. Just holiday like our parents did. We will spend this time with family and friends, laugh a lot, eat a lot and probably sometimes drink a lot too.

So when we come back we will be full of energy again to take on all the challenges of 2016. Our office will be opened again on 18 January 2016, then we will attend to emails and messages.

I trust everyone understands and respects our holiday.



It's Christmas soon and we are building a new sleigh

In the future Santa may just get a new sleigh, it will have a total of 9 seats plus one for the sleigh driver (we also call them tour guides). It will have large windows on the sides, front and at the back to show off our paradise called Namib Desert. Two doors on the side will allow easy access to our guests.

Reindeers will be replaced by a brand new Ford Ranger 4x4 with more kilowatt power than what Santa has ever dreamt about. Unfortunately this sleigh will not be able to fly, but that is OK because non of our guide are in possession of a pilots license anyway.

Lot's of work is still to be done, and we anticipate the maiden voyage to take place sometime in February 2016.

Ranger 17Dec.pdf

Cruise ship after Cruise ship after Cruise ship

The last two weeks we were kept pretty busy by so many Cruise Ships visiting Walvisbay. One after the other, on some day's even two at the same time, and we had guests on all of them. We saw an increasing number of direct bookings and had a great time travelling with our guests. A big thank you also to Abenteuer Afrika Safari for always envolving our guides and our vehicles. This coming weekend we will see another two cruise ships visiting, so Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be pretty busy again.

Ship and Flamingoes

New Hotels in Swakopmund

We had the pleasure to pick up groups at both new hotels in Swakopmund last week.

The Delight and the Strand Hotel. Although both are very different in style, location, size and design, our guests were loving them both. Delight


Two old friends

A long standing friendship between Rotel Tours and Charly's Desert Tours exist. For may years we have been taking Rotel Tours guest on full day desert excursions. This time a group of 29 students, many of which had clearly no sleep the night before. We called them the party bus. Thank you Rotel Tours, see you again in a few days

Rotel and Charlys

An unusual find

At the end of our Living Dunes Experience with a large corporate group,we came acorss a dead seal in the dunes, and fresh print of brown Hyena. There were no drag marks, so the hyena carried the dead seal a little less that a kilometer over the B2 road and two dunes. We see the tracks of the hyena often at the moment, but we have never seen a seal in the desert. dead seal in dunes 1

Die Buschman Zeitung

Ein wichtiges Tagesblatt die Buschman Zeitung. Jeden morgen in den Dünen findet man unzählig viele Spuren. Nachts ist da immer gut was los und morgens macht es dann richtig Spass währen unserer Living Dunes Experience in den Dünen die Spuren zu deuten. Wie un diesem Fall die Spur einer Blindschleiche, die unterm Sand "schwimmt". Skink track resampled

The colours of Namibia

Daily we hear our clients talking about the colours in Namibia. This is just one of many examples. The orange sand dunes and the blue sky.


This picture was taken in the dunes just outside Swakopmund on the route of our popular "Living Dunes Experience". Simplicity of the landscape is as impressive to us as it is to our guests and we love giving our guests some time to just enjoy the scenery.

Every morning we have a little "Chat" in the dunes

The Trac-Trac Chat entertains us often during our tours. We find him on the viewpoints overlooking the Moonlandscape like in this picture and we see them almost daily on during the Living Dunes Experience. An inquisitive, friendly and clever little bird that loves posing for pictures. Tagestour1 069

A walk in the park

Today was literally a walk in the park for us.The Dorob National Park that is. Two of our guests went on a our first Namib Desert ECO walk. It was not difficult, it was not hot, it was not too long or too short; it was just great. Beeing on foot in nature with a guide that opens your eyes to the small and ofter ignored things is just beautiful.

A short transfer from the accomodation took the group to the starting point and then they set off on foot with their guide Ernst. They were entertaint by interesting facts about the desert and Namibia and they found all the little creatures we expect to find in the coastal dunes outside Swakopmund, oftern refered to as the "little 5".

We are aiming to create a low impact, environmentally friendly, informative, educational, entertaining and healthy tour product. We want to get more travelers out of cars and onto their feet (actually more and more travelers are asking for this).

First walking guests 17 06 2015

Guides posing in the dunes

Our Living Dunes Experience has fast become very popular in Swakopmund. Departing at 8h30 in the morning from the guests accomodation, we search for the "little 5", (actually there are a lot more than just 5...). Our team of expert guides love their work and love the desert. Here are Cleo, Johnny and Ernst posing with their comfortable and able 4x4's in the dunes. Read some of our guests comments on Tripadvisor http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g298357-d3458179-Reviews-Charly_s_Desert_Tours_Day_Tours-Swakopmund_Erongo_Region.html. Well done guys!

Guides in the dunes

The World and us

The past weekend we were kept pretty busy. The World,  the only private residential community-at-sea, a flouting luxury appartment building,visited the port of Walvis Bay for 3 days. We were contracted to provide a number of destination experiences, logistics and transfers. An eleborate dinner in the dunes with live musik by the Namibian ELEMOTHO rounded off a very successful weekend. A big thank you to THE WORLD for including Namibia in the itinerary, and to AFRICAN PROFILE SAFARIS for calling on us for this "project". The World and Delica

The world dinner


Welwitschia excavation

It is now already two years ago, but what an exiting project this was. I volunteered to assist Dr. Joh Henschel in an official project to uproot a Welwitschia plant. Carefully digging ever single root out of the hard desert ground, documenting ever detail along the way. What we did not find was the tap root everybody is talking about, instead we found long horizontal roots, no deaper than 1.4 meters. The plant was transplanted and is still growing and happy. Welwitschia dig

On tour with Johnny

Guests who were on tour with our guide Johnny made this little drawing of Johnny in his enviroment. They did a Livining Dunes Experience as well as a Namib Desert Tour, both as private tours. A little scetch like this says more that words would do. To me it looks like Johnny did something right and the guests had a great time. Well done Johnny! Johnny in the desert

Pacific Venus - Japanese Cruise Ship

The Pacific Venus, a Japanese Cruise Ship called yesterday and we were contracted to do a private full day desert tour for 65 guests, including a lunch at a desert oasis. 16 Vehicles and tour guides took the guests into the desert. Obviously we did have some language challenges, but with 2 Japanese translators we managed to show and explain some of the wonders of the Namib Desert to our guests. Thank you Pacific Venus for visiting Namibia, we hope to see you again next year!

Desert patterns and lines

During our daily LIVING DUNES EXPERIENCE tour we search for all the little creatures that live in the dunes. Amongst them are the side winder snakes. often hidden under the sand with just the eyes sticking out. Sometimes we find them resting ontop of the sand like in this picture.

20140917 155433 resized 3

Shore excursions for passenger liners

It is Cruise liner season in Walvis Bay / Swakopmund. Guide Konny took this picture with one of our vehicles at the MSC Opera this week. Her guests were booked on a private full day Namib Desert Tour. MSC Opera and Charly's Desert Tours

Feedback from guests just made my day

"We wish to express our thanks for the two tours you put together for us Jan. 2 and 3. Your guides are delightful! In addition to enjoying two fun days out with Cleo and Johnny, we had the pleasure of meeting Ernst along the way. Both Cleo and Johnny provided friendly, personal service and we felt that we came away with a real understanding of what makes the desert “tick.” The tours were incredibly informative and complete. Nothing was too much to ask.

We know we made the right choice when we opted for Charly’s Tours and will be recommending you on TripAdvisor as well as to anyone we know who may be coming your way."

And another big cat picture

DSCN8540 Looks like a model during a photoshoot, but this was the real thing!

Big cat in the Desert

DSCN8532 uitsnede Although this trip happened about 4 months ago, we received the pictures from our guests only today. This was taken during an afternoon Namib Desert Tour just outside Swakopmund. This is a once in a lifetime sighting in this area. I have been doing tours there for many years and we have occasionally seen footprints, usually not very fresh and sometimes too windblown to confirm who made them, but we know that these cats are occasional visitors in the area. But to get close and photograph them is a rare luxury.

New year, same old rates, well almost...

In an attempt to keep activities affordable we are keeping our 2014 for valid for 2015. The only small change we saw unavoidable was to increase our Living Dunes experience. But dispite this increase our Living Dunes experience ist still the best priced tour in the coastal dunes.

So, let's take 2015 and make the best of it!