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First review of our new tour: Bites & Brews

The Bites & Brews tour was the highlight of our limited time in Swakopmund. We were introduced to locations and products that were off-the-beaten-path and would have escaped our notice otherwise. Every site we visited had a unique offering. It was a perfect combination of relaxed exploration and information. As a lover of olives, essential oils, coffee, beer, fine dining, and gin, this was pretty much a perfect excursion for me. The passion of the guides and the hosts at each location was evident and infectious. We actually came back to Two Beards coffee shop and bistro for more deliciousness the following day on our own, now that we knew where the place was, thanks to Gerald and Nick. We went out with Charly's again 2 days later for the Living Dunes, which was also fantastic. I wish I could go higher than 5 stars on this one.