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Intertidal Beach Tour

Probably the most underrated activity in Swakopmund must be the Intertidal Beach Tour offered by well-known fishing company Aquanaut Tours. These guys have been on our beaches and observing the live in the rock pools for many years. The intertidal beach tour is possible only low tide, so this activity will not be available every day and naturally not always at the same time.

Where we and others typically brag about the “little 5” tours in the dunes, the intertidal beach tour should have been called the “little 50” tour. The amount of life on our virtually pristine coastline is just amazing, but even more impressive is the skill of finding and identifying all these amazing little sea creatures. Sea cucumbers, crabs, variety of star fish, sea hare, mollusks, mussels, fish, anemones and so much more. This is the perfect outing for families, the kids will be as fascinated as the adults.

Make your reservation for December now. Since the departure time of this booking is tide dependent, the correct time of the tour will be communicated to you once we have your booking.

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