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Specials until the end of June

In an attempt to keep the business going and the keep our permanent staff and our loyal guides employed, we are cutting our prices.

Until the end of June we will operate our new Kayaking venture and our Living Dunes Experience at N$ 400.00 per person and N$ 200.00 per child under 13 years.

Both excursions require a minimum of 2 adults to operate and children must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Covid-19 precaution include:

  • Our comfortable 9 seater vehicles will only be carrying a maximum of 5 guests, private tours for minimum of 4 guests can be arranged.
  • Our vehicles are sanitized daily. This includes: door handles inside and outside, seatbelt buckles and window opening mechanisms.
  • Guests will be required to sanitize hands before entering the vehicle. Alcohol based sanitizer is provided.
  • Guests will be required to wear face masks as per Government regulation. Guests must supply own masks.
  • For the kayaking trip, guests are welcome to drive their own vehicle to the launch site near the Guano Island. 4x4 is required, (we will provide a compressor to re-inflate your tyres afterwards)
  • Should guests wish to be collected from home, we will be carrying a maximum of 5 guests in our 9 seater vehicle, or maximum of 3 guests in our 5 seater vehicles.
  • Kayaking guests must provide own towels.

So, here are some details for each tour:

Living Dunes Experience ("Little 5 tour")

  • Departure 8h30, we can pick you up at your home, or we can meet at our office in the Brauhaus Arcade
  • This tour returns just after 12h00
  • One bottle of still mineral water per person in included

Kayaking at the Guano Island

  • Departure 9h00, we can pick you up at your home or we can meet at our office in the Brauhaus Arcade
  • We return to Swakopmund just after 12h00
  • Life jackets (compulsory) and waterproof clothing is provided
  • One bottle of mineral water per person is included
  • Guests must supply own towel (don't worry, only your feet should get wet)
  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be available after the kayaking
  • We will be kayaking for a little over one hour  
  • Kayaking is available from 15 May